SERA Plus Program "Ready for use"

SERA Plus is a program of reconciliations (social, professional, family, with oneself, …) containing up to 1500 hours of educational content free of all rights of access and use for professionals and volunteers experienced in the theme of violent extremism.

SERA Plus (manuals for user, educational resources, assessment and enhancement tools) is a 100% French composition born from a meeting with judges of the National AntiTerrorist Prosecutor’s Office (PNAT) in September 2018.

Several European productions carried out in prison settings on complementary themes (acquisition of civic and moral values, development of socio-professional skills with support of physical and sports activities, preparation of an integration project, etc.) have been articulated then harmonized to achieve SERA Plus. The pedagogical sequences originally created in English were translated into French from the Euro-CIDES association’s own funds (with the exception of the SHORT-form CITI-VAL educational booklet, which was translated into French thanks to European funding obtained with ERASMUS+) as well as this dedicated platform (which explains why there is no search basis in the English version with cross-curricular competences as reference).

In which areas of intervention is SERA Plus legitimate? Specialized prevention, Child Protection, School early leavers, Socio-Professional Insertion and Support, Popular Education, Open Education, Closed institutions (prisons, educational centres, etc.).

What areas are explored? Citizenship, Beliefs, Education, Employability, Humanitarian, Interculturality, Health Prevention, Psychology, Social, Sport, for essentials.

For which audiences? Persons incarcerated for acts of terrorism, Persons incarcerated at risk of radicalization, Persons living in areas at risk of communitarianism and/or separatism and identified as public at risk, Young public precarious and/or educated at minimum and without any plans for future, …

SERA Plus was presented at European level to 47 Council of Europe member countries at their 8th Penological Council in Strasbourg (Nov. 2018) and at EuroPris conference in Brussels (March 2019) ; it was also presented, at National level, to representatives of the Prison Service, DGESCO, SG-CIPDR, the National Union of Local Missions and, at Regional and/or Local levels (New Aquitaine), to South-West DIR PJJ, the Federation of Social Centres, the Prefect delegated to security, the Regional Association of Local Missions, the Interregional Directorate of Prison Services, …

SERA Plus is a catalyst that helps to increase the ability to respond to a problem (that of combating violent extremism, but also to work on its prevention).

Professionals gathered in an interdisciplinary team may decide to take up the entire program (1500 hours), as much as possible in the chronology as mentioned in the diagram; they will also be able to mix the sequences of the different productions, but follow the advice to start with SERA in its cycles 1 and 2, cycle 3 to follow of CITI-VAL sequences.

About READY… GO, the tool finds its usefulness both in confirming a professional project by valuing key and cross-cutting skills as for the development of a professional project that would require starting with the identification of key and cross-cutting skills acquired to help build realistic professional perspectives. ESM-YA sequences can be provided during, before and after READY… GO

Whatever approach is taken by professionals, VALMOPRIS (a qualitative competency- enhancing grid) will be used at the end of the training.

SERA Plus program
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The professional (or experienced volunteer) can also choose an “a la carte” program, each gear of the diagram below opening on guides, tools and educational books specific to the various productions that resulted from European projects SERA, CITI-VAL, READY… GO, ESM- YA, VALMOPRIS, all financially supported by the ERASMUS program.

Totally independent of SERA Plus, but so compatible, ALVEOLE (Hexagon) is a Canadian tool developed by the Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence (CPRMV) to identify the individual needs of each recipient.

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